The effect of music training with the explanations of Morteza Shokri, a successful musical artist

  • 03-March-2022

The scientific effects of music on the body and brain scientifically

Learning music has always been known as a skill or talent, and no one has talked about its beneficial effect on the brain. Music boosts your self-confidence and has a huge impact on your memory. In some cases, it even expands your social circle and allows you to connect with different people. In this article, we are going to talk about the advantages of music education on the human mind and offer some interesting points

1. Playing an instrument has a great impact on your intelligence

It is interesting to know that Einstein’s life was mixed with music and he could not do anything without music.

2. Your social life improves

Learning to play music is not just considered for your brain. It will also be great for expanding your social circle. Joining a group at any age encourages you to connect with different people. Also, improve your leadership and team-building skills and get rewards for training with your teammates.

3. Playing an instrument will reduce stress

The psychological dimension of the music is very large and affects different parts of human beings. In fact, music has a unique effect on our emotions and has even been shown to lower heart rate and blood pressure.

4. Experience a sense of progress

5. Increases your confidence

Building confidence from an early age, especially at the age of 5, is essential for everyone

6. Practicing musical instruments causes patience

7. Differences in human attitude and creativity

People who are accustomed to listening to their favorite music or playing an instrument on a daily basis are very different from people who do not.

8. Playing an instrument has a great impact on verbal memory

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