The Fitbit Sense is presently accessible in a new colour and with more accessories

  • 18-August-2021

The Fitbit Sense has been available for close to 12 months, so it is possible that Fitbit will soon supplant the smartwatch with a replacement. Apparently, Fitbit's next smartwatch will run Wear OS as well, instead of the organization's exclusive other option. Meanwhile, Fitbit has released the Sense in another colour, which it has called Silver Stainless Steel. The new colour option additionally accompanies a silicone watch band that Fitbit markets as Sage Gray. The new colourway comes in at US$299.95, similar cost as the Soft Gold and Graphic Stainless Steel versions. The Silver Stainless Steel edition is accessible to order now in various markets, including the US. The Sage Gray watch band is accessible independently too for US$29.95. Fitbit has additionally reported two silicone sports bands, blush/desert bloom and frost white/lunar white, that retail for US$34.95. Also, charcoal and coastal blue hook and loop bands will be accessible at a similar cost, as well. By contrast, Fitbit's vegan leather bands, sand dollar and seaglass, will cost US$49.95, with its leather scrunchy options coming in at US$54.95. These new bands will be orderable from August 25.

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