The Moon-to-Earth satellite communications network is being constructed by Lockheed Martin

  • 29-March-2023

Lockheed Martin believes it has the capability to provide dependable communications if humanity is to have a long-term presence on the Moon. The organization has made a side project gave to lunar infrastructure, Crescent Space, whose first project is a Moon-to-Earth satellite organization. A constellation of small lunar satellites known as Parsec serves as a continuous link between astronauts, their equipment, and people on Earth. The system will also offer assistance with navigation.

The technology should make it easier for explorers to stay in touch and change the course of their spacecraft. However, as Lockheed Martin explains, it may be essential for those on lunar soil. The nodes of Parsec create a lunar version of GPS, providing astronauts with precise positions and directions to base. For instance, a crew of rovers might know how to get home without driving into a perilous crater.

The satellites for Crescent's first Parsec nodes will be provided by Lockheed Martin, and they should be operational by 2025. And prior to asking: Yes, it's clear that the business wants big customers. Crescent's CEO, Lockheed Martin Space Vice President Joe Landon, asserts that the company is "well positioned" to support NASA's Artemis Moon landings and other exploratory missions.

Considering that NASA's Artemis program won't even carry out a lunar flyby until the latter half of 2024 and a landing at the end of 2025, the launch may appear to be too soon. Nonetheless, there's now a reasonable rush to the Moon that incorporates national efforts from the US and China as well as confidential ventures like SpaceX's lunar tourism. Without affecting Lockheed Martin's current operations, Crescent could assist the company in making money from that rush.

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