The Pixel Watch 2 Supposedly Has An Extended Warranty Even If Repairs Are Not Available For It.

  • 09-October-2023

Like its predecessor, the Pixel Watch 2 may be repairable by Google, but the wearable does assistance in the form of an extended warranty.

After Google's standard warranty expires, their Preferred Care extended warranty program covers mechanical problems as well as accidental damage.

For the Pixel Watch 2, the plan can be purchased either for two years for $89 or on a monthly basis for $4.

While Google's most recent Pixel Watch 2 has some notable improvements, repairability is regrettably not one of them, just like its predecessor. However, the business will provide you with a replacement watch and an insurance coverage.

On a support page, Google affirms that it will not offer screen repairs for accidental damage. Instead, buyers have a different choice because the same support page describes a new insurance plan offered for the smartwatch.

Preferred Care, Google's extended warranty program, which covers accidental damage as well as mechanical problems after Google's standard warranty expires, is highlighted on both the support website and the smartwatch's Play Store listing. The Pixel Watch 2 insurance plan is offered on a monthly basis for $4 or for two years for $89, depending on your preference.

If your enrolled Pixel Watch 2 gets broken and you need to file a, there is reportedly a $49 "repair or replacement service fee" in addition to the advertised price. A further point made by the corporation is that its monthly plan does reach its maximum after 60 months.

What's remarkable is that Google initially provided the same extended warranty option to the first-generation Pixel Watch as well, but the company mysteriously discontinued support for the device soon after.

According to the support page, besides the Pixel Watch 2, other Pixel devices are also apparently eligible for the two-year and monthly plans. The Pixel Tablet, Pixel Fold, and subsequent Pixel models are additional devices that are supported.

Owners of the Pixel Watch 2 have access to Best Buy's protection plan in addition to Google's Preferred Care program. The "Accidental Geek Squad Replace Plan" from Best Buy offers two years of coverage for roughly $80. While Google's extended warranty plan does provide some assurance for the most recent Pixel smartwatch model, maybe we will soon see some repairability support.


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