The view of Mr. Kourosh Zarandooz, a famous and popular Iranian singer, about singing and the important points that a singer should follow

The view of Mr. Kourosh Zarandooz, a famous and popular Iranian singer, about singing and the important points that a singer should follow

The singer can perform one or more types of music, depending on his culture and nationality, which may or may not be accompanied by a musical instrument. Singing is usually performed with a group such as the Kerry Ensemble in a variety of voices or with a group of musicians such as a rock or baroque ensemble. The singer can sing formally or informally. It is interesting to note that singing can be predetermined or improvised. The purpose of singing is also different. Pleasure, comfort, ritual, education or material gain are some of the goals that the singer pursues in singing. Many people are looking for the best way to become a professional singer, but regular training, work, and practice over time are the most basic ways to become a professional singer. You may also be wondering what styles of music professional singers work in. In answer to this question, we have to say that there is no specific style that professional singers follow, but most of them try to move forward in a musical style. For example, they are increasing their knowledge and skills through a lot of practice or education under the supervision of prominent teachers and professors in one of the fields of music. Also, in order for the singers to use all their abilities and talents, they use the advice of experienced people in the field of sound engineering.

It may be interesting to you that there are no exact criteria for choosing a good and ideal singer, because a person may have a good voice but not follow the results! It is certain that singing is not common in this scientific example. In contrast, there is a group of people who have the talent to sing, but no one notices their talent.

To read, you must follow principles. Protecting the principle of sound is the first principle for singing. Because a person may not pay attention to his larynx to practice singing and neglect the main conditions of singing. With that in mind, you should not exercise when the weather is too cold or too hot. You should also remove shouting from your list of daily behaviors, as the effect will remain muffled in your voice for hours to days.

If for any reason your voice gets stuck and you want to read, never try to get it back to normal with a lot of practice and pressure. It is also good to know that drinking alcohol can distract you while performing and can seriously damage your larynx. Entering the world of singing, you need to avoid drinking cold and frozen liquids so that the quality of your voice is in its natural state.

Points that the reader should pay attention to:

– It should be noted that according to the theories of the ancients, according to the propositions of the poems to choose and read

– A good reader should know the music of the letters of the words and recognize the resonant letters, Nim Kong and Gang well and use each one instead.

Long and inappropriate stretches make the listener bored, so the reader should avoid this tension (maximum of two stretches in each stanza or one sentence of a poem) if in calligraphy, two letters are written in one sentence.

Long syllables should be used for stretching and writing.

Short syllables leave the reader unaware of the technical issues of singing.

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