This is the time to Think, Introspect, and GO DIGITAL, Says Venkata Kiran Amruthavaakkula

  • 15-April-2020

Businesses and companies are incurring losses, already the economy has gone down due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, there are companies who are trying to help their counterparts, their customers, and clients so that their business keeps flowing. And one such company is KCS Technologies Inc., a conglomerate of 40 companies that has declared to give away its entire profit to its existing client and new customers.

It seems to be one of a kind steps during these difficult times, especially when companies are struggling to meet their basic expenditures.

Speaking about the announcement, Venkata Kiran Amruthavaakkula, the Chief Executive Officer of KCS Technologies said, “This is the time when we need to help each other and stand by each other only then we would be able to tackle the situation.”

He further added, ”Government is already doing its part and we are lucky to have prevented the coronavirus from spreading at a large scale in our country. But at the same time we cannot deny the truth that there are several companies incurring huge losses, because of their traditional business methods. That was the reason we primarily chose to give away our 100% profits, so that we can help such companies GO DIGITAL, as it is the prime need of an hour.”

Kiran also said that the company has decided to give this offer on all its services across all its branches in the world.

Further he said, “The idea behind offering our profits to our clients and people is simple – we all are going through difficult times and it is our duty as an organization, as a service provider, and as an employer to help people and the community to fight these crises and come out even stronger than before. Our employees are working from home, we could do that because of two reasons: the nature of our business and method of our business. I was thinking about what if we were using traditional methods of business. This thought hit me really hard, as it would have been very difficult for us to remain in the market for a longer period.”

Kiran said, ”The ones who are still not using the digital platforms for their business, should think of going online. This is the time for them to think, introspect, and GO DIGITAL, we just want to provide them with support to go digital. This is not the time to think of profits, because we know profits we can make any time in future. This is the time to just sustain, to support, and to be by each other’s side and that’s what we are doing.”

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