1. A successful teacher is always a stude">

    Three Important Principles of a Successful Teacher In the Words of King of Memory of Iran, Morteza Javid

    • 22-January-2022

    1. A successful teacher is always a student:

    If we always seek to discover the truth and learn, we will thirst for knowledge. If teachers have no enthusiasm and zeal, they cannot make the students thirst for learning and knowledge.

    1. A successful teacher always pays attention to the development and dynamism of him/herself and the students:

    Stagnation, being at a standstill, and despairing are the characteristics of immature humans. A successful teacher thinks about his own growth and dynamism first.

    1. A successful teacher is always self-critical:

    Self-criticism is the foundation for human progress. A successful teacher never feels that his/her teaching method is perfect. He/she examines the teaching methods and knows that there always are better methods, and one should distance him/herself from old-fashioned and ineffective methods as much as possible.

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