Todd Stephenson Knows How To Fight Against Odds In Life Being A Young Entrepreneur

  • 02-June-2020

Being a young entrepreneur is an advantage and also disadvantage—Todd Stephenson, a young entrepreneur who has shown his entrepreneurial skills right from his childhood. Started with a backpack company called KIDDS, it was a more social project for needy people.

Then he came up with other ideas too in his college time and then comes PupSocks, one of the best projects of Todd Stephenson till now. It is crazy to see how he started his career at a young age. He is a believer who works with a passion for business.

It has not been easy for him; Todd has given much time, effort and money for his business. He is a self-made entrepreneur who has invested his funds on his own from his personal savings.

The good thing about Todd is that he knows how to market and show products in the market. PupSocks is a perfect example of his creativity; he has some fantastic socks, blankets, ties in his PupSocks.

We all know the fact that age is just a number, but you have to face multiple challenges as a budding entrepreneur.

 Here are some of the difficulties Todd faced and how he overcame them:

He faced many challenges when he was young, as he was not taken seriously due to his age. Many didn't believe Todd was running his own business.

There was a time when he started his business people used to inquire a lot about his work and company. Very few trusted him in the starting, but slowly people believe in his work and his products.

He has worked hard to prove his mettle; Todd knows no one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes in life. But who learns from mistakes makes it significant in life.

Work smart with limited Capital: Todd started with a small business from his own savings. Even today he is spending his own money in PupSocks. The good thing about Todd is that he never invests total saving in projects. We wait and invest with proper planning step by step, which is helping him save his money and finance at the right time.

Transpiring Relatable to your buddies: Some it will happen that your friends and Colleagues will not get your point. The same can happen to them; you might not understand their point of view.

Still, it is necessary to have a close connection with your close ones; it helps you faster if you have the right people around you. Todd is lucky to have a lovely group of friends who motivates him in every decision he takes in life. Todd is able to separate his personal and professional life amazingly.

The route of an entrepreneur is full of hurdles, but Entrepreneurs like Todd knows how to deal with problems.

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