Total number of Pokemon would appear that there are over 4.2 billion

  • 14-January-2023

A new Pokemon trailer has sparked a debate regarding the total number of Pokemon.

The trailer that can be seen below was released yesterday, January 12, by The Pokemon Company, to commemorate the achievement of 1,000 Pokemon in total. According to The Pokemon Company, the total number of individual Pokemon appears to be 1,008 following the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet last year.

However, not everyone in the Pokemon community has agreed with that. Taking into account variations like regional forms and gender-exclusive forms of certain creatures, some extremely dedicated individuals, such as the one pictured below on the Pokemon subreddit, have delved into determining the actual number of Pokemon.

Over 4.2 billion Pokemon appear to have been created as a result. This staggering figure takes into account virtually every Pokemon that has ever been designed for a Game Freak video game, regardless of how absurd or irrelevant the creature may appear.

However, the question of how much Spinda contributes to that 4.2 billion figure is the subject of current debate. Spinda, according to some, would only leave you with 1,418 Pokemon, a far cry from the enormous initial number. However, ignoring Spinda in all of its variants for the sake of it would not exactly be fair.

It is up to the Pokemon fans to determine the actual number of creatures if The Pokemon Company refuses to do so.

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