Utilizing the positive aspects of social media and his Instagram page “Resort”, Rasmus Peter Kristensen soared to success as a travel influencer

Utilizing the positive aspects of social media and his Instagram page “Resort”, Rasmus Peter Kristensen soared to success as a travel influencer

Rasmus adapted to the changes in the travel sector and garnered a dedicated following online.

Social media has fundamentally changed the way that the travel and hospitality sector’s firms communicate and market their services. Social channels have gained popularity due to the rise of the internet and have altered travel marketing. So it became very important to adapt the travel solutions as per the changes happening in the industry. Adapting to change and creating newer, more innovative strategies is a well-known travel influencer, Rasmus Peter Kristensen.

Rasmus is an experienced travel influencer and travels across the globe with his wife. Travelling reignites the fire under Rasmus’ belly and he feels alive while travelling to unexplored locales, to give an honest view of the place to his million followers.

Rasmus acknowledges the positive changes in the travel sector, brought by social media. He lists the following ways that have impacted the tourism industry:

  1. Improved Travel Research: Rasmus believes that travellers, before finalizing their destination, go online to thoroughly research the location, accommodation, etc. This has given rise to online reviews and social media has enhanced the quality of travel based on such reviews.
  1. Social Sharing Rise: Nowadays, people have got a platform to showcase their travel pictures on the web due to the emergence of social media. It is reported that 97% of millennials share photos and videos of their travels online, which has pushed many hotels, and travel agencies to start social media campaigns and contests, which have helped the industry garner more revenue.

  1. Personal Customer Service: Rasmus states that due to the rise in social media marketing, companies have started providing personal customer service to their clients online. Due to the ease of connecting with clients, companies can solve their clients’ problems very quickly. Prompt action can be initiated, which can help further the business of the company.

  1. Loyalty Programs: Social media has catapulted loyalty points system, whereby a company will reward its clients based on their usage of its services. Rasmus believes that acquiring new customers is far more difficult than retaining existing ones. Giving loyalty points helps the customers value the company and makes them more inclined to use the service again.

Rasmus has adapted his way of functioning after the rise of social media in the travel industry. He views positive changes and has even started a common sharing portal for his fellow travel influencers on Instagram at the page ‘Resort’. Utilizing the positives of social media and adapting to the change has made Rasmus Peter Kristensen a leading travel influencer.

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