What are the features of a luxurious villa? Words from Ghafoor Ghatali, a famous Iranian expert and entrepreneur

What are the features of a luxurious villa? Words from Ghafoor Ghatali, a famous Iranian expert and entrepreneur

The sun and lighting in villa planning

One of the most crucial points in villa planning, especially in a duplex villa, is the lighting and the sun angles in a different points in a villa. The sun is the symbol of life, awakening, and wholesomeness in your house. This joy and wholesomeness in some spaces should deeply be shown. There are some spaces in the house that need getting direct sunlight and if they don’t get enough, the plan of the villa will lose its value.

As an example, the living room and the kitchen are two of the places that need direct sunlight. In designing plans, the angle of sunlight should be taken into account of and spaces should receive direct or indirect sunlight. Not getting enough light will cause your plan to be an unhappy and dead plan which after a while you will get tired of.

Proper scaling of spaces in the villa plan

One of the first things that will attract the visitor is the size of different spaces in the villa. If designing a small room without adequate space, actually you have wasted some construction space of your villa. Spaces in the designation of the villa plan, in addition to the proper size, should have the proper length and width. Imagine a 3 by 10 space. 30 meters is not a small area for a room. But 3 by 10 is neither a room nor a living room. I guess the intention of the designer was a hallway for you to walk in! In the kitchen, the space needed for the lady in the house for cooking should be considered. In the rooms, the necessary space for the closet, chair, a desk should be considered and the biggest space should be assigned to the living room and designed by the golden width and length.

Placing of spaces in villa plan

Maybe this one looks like the first point, but it is completely different. Well-placing the spaces in the villa plan, is a great gift to the villa owner. Imagine the door to the bathroom open from inside the kitchen. What a terrible scene. Believe me, these are seen in plan designations. The kitchen and the living room should be towards the sunlight, the bathroom and the private places should be separated from the public ones.

In the designation of duplex villas, the placing of the staircase should in a way not to disturb the commute to the kitchen, and not to block the sunlight. The windows should be opened to the right spaces. There’s no need to be able to watch the neighbor’s bathroom from the windows inside your room.

A short biography of Ghafoor Ghatali

Seyed AbdolGhafoor Ghatali, known as Ghafoor Ghatali, Iranian entrepreneur who owns the brand and is the owner of the Elaxiom Real Estate Broker in Dubai.

The complex with the administration of Ghafoor Ghatali is one of the registered companies in Emirates and the first years of the establishment had extraordinary progress.


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