Young Entrepreneur Sal Rich on Seeking Opportunities amidst Adverse Situations

  • 11-March-2021

Not too long ago, Sal Rich was a 14-year-old happy-go-lucky child. But there was always something that set him apart. He was determined. He was driven. And he was ready to take on challenges. Today, as a successful serial entrepreneur and investor, Rich has learned to turn his adversities into opportunities. And here’s how he’s done it.

Rich believes, “There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel might be too long, and the light may seem too far, but it’s there. Although some problems that one may encounter in one’s life may seem too much to overcome, it is during these times that we need to remind ourselves how far we’ve come and, in the distance covered, how many problems we have surmounted. This mental pep talk always helps to rejuvenate one to act well and with precision.”

For Rich, “Challenges are a time of creativity.” He believes that challenges must “make you push your boundaries and discover new ways of looking until they eventually shine a light on a way out of them. I believe it’s how we define and look at adversity that determines our attitude towards it and, eventually, its outcome. For me, every challenge has been like a clogged drain – sometimes you might need to use the plunger, and sometimes, you might need to probe deeper and get your hands dirty. However, as long as you don’t resist the challenge, it’s just another day in the life of an entrepreneur.”

Adversities are like the common cold. And for Rich, “they are all too common and often come unannounced. Yet, like the common cold, they indicate that the system needs tune-up and deep-cleansing. At work, the adversity can thus reveal to you a hitherto hidden issue – irreconciled finances, irresponsible employees, digital operations being out of date, unmet loans, etc. The business system comes to a halt whenever its inner workings suffer from some blockage and are unable to move. Things simply come to a halt unless attended to. The good news is that such bumps allow you to investigate your business with a magnifying glass, ensuring the removal of causes that may become potential challenges in the future.”

Sal Rich’s active optimism might not be for everyone. But if you are passionate about your business and value your time, seeing adversity as a window for opportunity might be your best way out of it.

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