From hobby to a life-long career, yoga gaining prominence across business and corporate landscape

NBA champion Dwayne Wade started practising yoga years back and was immediately hooked on the serenity that it offered. In fact, he highly credits his flexibility and performance on the court to yoga, which he started practising during the 2011 N ...

  • Life-Culture
  • 22-November-2020

ICNA'S Efforts To Spread the Teachings of Quran

ICNA is continuously strengthening its network amongst North America's Muslim community by collaborating with various other associations to work in an integrated manner.Over the past few years, it has been unrelentingly improvising its community ...

  • Life-Culture
  • 19-November-2020

A Paragon Star of Russia - Ellen Alexander

Ellen Alexander is a shining Russian star. She did many breathtaking tasks to establish herself in the USA. She was from Moscow, Russia. Her parents are the scientist, and her grandfather is also a scientist. Her parents used to click her random ...

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  • 10-November-2020

Custom Enamel Pins: the Campaign's Secret Weapon

As the Presidential election of 2020 winds down and the public and pundits, alike, peruse the rubble of the political climate, campaign spending will be gone over with a fine tooth comb. It’s obvious that pollsters missed their marks and advert ...

  • Business
  • 08-November-2020

An influential and successful model Emil Montenegro

To be successful in the fashion industry people nowadays are doing modelling as well as join different agencies and taking shoot assignments of famous or local brands and TV shows. But a very famous and influential Instagram as well as social med ...

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  • 07-November-2020

Success Of The New Top Talent House Ran By Nour Khodr

Social Media influencer content houses are nothing new, but the Top Talent House is a new content house created in August of 2020. Nour Khodr an ...

  • Business
  • 04-November-2020

Alexander James Rodriguez Appeal for UNICEF USA

Actor and recording artist Alexander James Rodriguez is releasing his latest song ‘Holiday in L.A’ on November 6 on all digital platforms in support of  ...

  • Business
  • 03-November-2020

Josh Cartu - Global Warming Still a Serious Threat

The public health crisis due to the coronavirus, which has become humanitarian, economic and global, forces us to build a more resilient developmen ...

  • Technology
  • 14-May-2020


Not going out is no more a challenge but necessity for people all round the globe. As it is the Global Pandemic which has bound us all inside the walls of our houses. But these walls are not a limit for a person who knows how to work and such a p ...

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  • 23-April-2020

The Best Tips to Become an Instagram Influencer by Kerllen Bittencourt Rego

The question that I most received is how to become an instagram influencer.
Well, I’ll share my experience as an Instagram influencer and six ways you can get started today!
In 2012 I created a profile