Morteza Seddigh  :  21 practices for succeeding in architecture

Professor Morteza Seddigh is one of the best-known architects who received his doctorate in architecture in 2010 from the Iran University of Science and Technology.

In addition, he has experience teaching at the Universities of Science ...

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  • 06-April-2022

The effect of music training with the explanations of Morteza Shokri, a successful musical artist

The scientific effects of music on the body and brain scientifically

Learning music has always been known as a skill or talent, and no one has talked about its beneficial effect on the brain. Music boosts your self-conf ...

  • Entertainment
  • 03-March-2022

Three Important Principles of a Successful Teacher In the Words of King of Memory of Iran, Morteza Javid

  1. A successful teacher is always a student:

If we always seek to discover the truth and learn, we will thirst for knowledge. If teachers have no enthusiasm a ...

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  • 22-January-2022